Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you have campuses in other towns? -  NO.
  2. Do you have a sister college? - NO
  3. Are you the same as Tsavo Park? - Our original name was Tsavo Park Hotel Institute. It was changed to Tsavo Institute of Technology in the year 2007
  4. Are attachments guaranteed? - Yes, we have a fully fledged department incharge of attachments and internships
  5. Do you assist students in getting jobs? - Yes. Once they finish their courses, we forward their names and qualifications to prospective employers while others are absorbed by Tsavo Camps and Lodges.
  6. Why do you offer international exams? - Because most of our graduates are employed abroad.
  7. Do you admit students from other countries? - Yes
  8. Do you offer distance learning? - Yes.
  9. Do you offer part time classes? - Yes.
  10. Why do most people prefer your institute? - Our graduates are very marketable.
  11. Do you allow payment of school fees in installments? - Yes. Upon agreement with the principal.
  12. How many terms/semesters do you have in one year? - 4 terms for some courses and 3 semesters for other courses
  13. Do you offer boarding? - Yes, at affordable rate inclusive of meals and accommodation